Consumer engagement is a problem that you can find in most industries. This is a phrase that means many different things to many people, but for our purposes, it can be summarized as:

“Providing the consumer with enough information, education, and demonstrable benefit to make them want to engage in a predefined action or a series of actions.”

What We Do: At LifeAlytics, we use data to connect the right solutions to the right consumer. We are a consumer engagement platform that is licensed to entities that use data or generate data that is designed to identify, target, or reach specific sets of consumers. With our tracker program, we take the data generated, combine it with other information, and use it to output automated actions, recommendations, care protocols, or prescriptions.

At LifeAlytics, we want to help your business and your customers thrive. To help you achieve the goals of your company and provide your customers or patients with the necessary services, we offer a few license packages that you can customize and tailor to fit your exact needs. Depending on the type of health and wellness program manager you need, we offer the following packages:

Enterprise License: Do you have a suite of products, services, or solutions that impact individuals daily? Is it critical for you to stay in touch with these individuals and continually provide guidance for the products and services that can help them? Do you need a high-level of customization and your own autonomous app? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you will need our enterprise license, which allows you to build a unique LifeAlytics community and complete customization of the tags created, data measured, content generated, and solutions offered. This solution is the right choice for retailers, analytics companies, large hospitals, insurance carriers or administrators, risk management or population health providers who generate data but need a way to connect that data to the consumer.

Advanced License: Our advanced license allows for the customization of solutions, content, offerings, and information tags. There is a limit on the customized outputs generated, and your application will be accessed initially through a LifeAlytics portal and app download. Our advanced license works well for smaller hospitals, other health service providers, fitness centers, and other entities that need to engage their customers daily and continually steer them to applicable service offerings.

Basic License: Your customers will access the basic solution via the LifeAlytics portal and app.
Your customers will see a variety of customized solutions by selecting different options from the list of integration, solution, and content partners. If you have a consumer-facing technology or solution that you love and would like to see as part of our Basic License options, please don’t hesitate to refer them to our system.

Individuals: Coming Soon! By Q1 of 2019 many of the solutions that we offer to our enterprise clients will be offered to individuals or communities. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on all of the changes in the world of consumer data, utilization, and privacy.