Data is everywhere — Big Data, micro sessions, consumer marketing data, lifestyle surveys, health assessments, financial data, credit scores, insurance risk, you name it. Today, consumers are connected to this data largely through emails, pop up ads that they get while browsing the internet, and in some cases, phone calls or mailers delivered to their mailbox by horse and carriage. Otherwise, they don’t see it, they cannot touch it, and they cannot decide how their data is used or what experience they get from the accumulation of that data. A consumer sees what an advertiser or marketing agency wants them to see. LifeAlytics was designed to accumulate data on the consumer’s behalf so that they could see the factors that are predominant in their lives, and be introduced to those solutions that can help them.

LifeAlytics Wellness Platform: LifeAlytics is an automated learning machine that can become a person’s best friend. It helps to identify the things in life that can be improved and compensates a person for some of the information they provide, and the actions that they take. The more an individual uses the system, the better the information and recommendations provided.

The Connect Engine: At the heart of LifeAlytics is an automated learning technology that aggregates consumer data from a variety of sources. These data sets are constantly expanding through our Integration Partners and Consumer Inputs. The data is layered and analyzed, and eventually creates unique outputs or recommendations to the consumer that are unique to each individual. This results in a platform experience that is largely customized to each person using the application.

Data Accumulation: Our wellness platform accumulates data from multiple sources around the “big four” areas of life that tend to drive us and impact people the most:

  • Our physical and mental health, and the health of our loved ones.
  • Our financial situation, needs, goals, and aspirations.
  • The relationships we have, wish to have, or the challenges associated with them.
  • The ability to grow personally and professionally, learning new things, trying new activities, gaining new skills, and having new experiences.

This data may come from our clients’ databases, third-party analytics providers, wellness companies, data wholesalers, insurance claims systems, predictive modeling platforms, population health management solutions, and a variety of other sources. The consumer is also provided with the ability to input additional data in the form of assessments, surveys, app integrations, and more. Users can elect to connect to more than 300 personal health/data devices and applications to further enhance the experience.

Consumer Compensation: Our platform allows consumers to get paid for “inputs,” or providing information that enhances their profiles. They also can get compensated for executing on an action, recommendation, or other “output” generated by the system.