The neutral colors and paintings of landscapes in a doctor’s office are supposed to help put you at ease, but that’s not always the case. For many people, visiting the doctor is so hard that it may be difficult to even schedule an appointment. From fear to simply not having the time to see a doctor, there are many reasons why people avoid going to the doctor. In today’s post, we will discuss a few of the most common reasons why people avoid going to the doctor in order to give you a better idea of how to solve the problem and provide patients with the care that they need.

Whether you’re an employer, insurance agent, or a primary care physician, you want everyone to receive the medical care that they deserve. For some, going to the doctor or scheduling their yearly physical is easy, but for others, there are always obstacles that get in the way. That’s where LifeAlytics comes into play. LifeAlytics is a wellness program manager that allows your patients to receive care right in their own home. Our program can provide patients with a virtual care mechanism that makes it easier to receive follow-up appointments and fill prescriptions. This wellness program manager is perfect for employers looking to ensure that their employees are in good health, insurance agencies who offer complicated benefits packages, and even doctors and hospitals who want to connect with their patients. No matter what the case may be, LifeAlytics is here to help — call today to learn how you can enroll.

Not Enough Time

One of the most common reasons that people avoid going to the doctor or fail to make an appointment is because they simply don’t have enough time. Many people lead very busy lives and they pack everything they can into their schedules, and seeing the doctor isn’t their top priority, especially if they feel fine. Many people believe that if they eat healthy, exercise regularly, and take their vitamins, that they should be healthy. Even if they feel fine, it’s important that they see their primary care physician at least once a year to ensure that there aren’t any concerns.

Can’t Get an Appointment

Depending on where you live, it may be more difficult for your patients to get an appointment than you had anticipated. Unless their situation is urgent, it may take weeks or even months for them to get in to see you. This is especially common in smaller towns that don’t have enough physicians. It can also be a concern in urban areas for specialized doctors as they may be in high demand.

Our wellness program manager is designed to improve the quality of life of your patients and simplify the process of receiving the care that they need. To learn more about how to incorporate LifeAlytics into your practice, give us a call today!

If you are a doctor, the length of time it takes your patients to get an appointment with you can negatively affect your practice. Do your patients complain that it is difficult to make an appointment or schedule a follow-up visit? LifeAlytics offers a virtual care mechanism that makes it easy for patients to schedule appointments and see their doctors quickly.

Your Patients Are Scared

A fear of the doctor is very common among both children and adults. Some patients may be afraid of the doctor as a person, or they may be afraid of needles or having someone poke and prod them. There are many reasons why they might have a fear of going to the doctor, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from giving them the care that they need.

They Feel Awkward

Once your patients finally arrive at the doctor’s office, it can be an awkward experience. Depending on what your appointment is for, your patients may be required to remove their clothes in order for you to give them a thorough examination. While they’re typically given a sheet or gown to cover up, it still puts them in an uncomfortable and vulnerable position. For this reason, some people may want to avoid this experience by avoiding the doctor altogether.

Make It Easy to Get an Appointment With LifeAlytics!

If you know that your patients are having trouble making an appointment in a timely manner, are too scared, or simply can’t make time, LifeAlytics has the answer for you! Our wellness program manager gives your patients the option of scheduling virtual appointments, making it easier for them to schedule appointment without having to leave home. If you’re interested in learning more about LifeAlytics or you want to see how we can help you and your practice, contact us to get started today!