1. 8 Reasons People Avoid Going to the Doctor: Part Two

    There’s no question that it’s important for your health to visit the doctor on an annual basis and seek follow-up appointment when they are needed. However, there are many patients who either fail to schedule their appointments, or simply fail to go at all. At LifeAlytics, our goal is to improve…Read More

  2. 8 Reasons People Avoid Going to the Doctor: Part One

    The neutral colors and paintings of landscapes in a doctor’s office are supposed to help put you at ease, but that’s not always the case. For many people, visiting the doctor is so hard that it may be difficult to even schedule an appointment. From fear to simply not having the time to see a doc…Read More

  3. Reasons You Need a Wellness Program Manager

    Your health and wellness is an important factor in how you live your life. Unfortunately, for many people, getting the proper care that they need can be extremely difficult. At LifeAlytics, we work with a myriad of industries, including health solutions, product and service providers, employers, and…Read More