History:  LifeAlytics was built from a mission of providing consumers insights into their lives.  Helping people identify things they want, need, aspire to, or are concerned about, and making connections to those solutions, services, or products that can help them.

Originally our platform was implemented as a health application, helping consumers identify health and lifestyle risks and automating recommendations based on those needs.  But the platform has evolved and is continuing to evolve into a content-rich matchmaking engine that will have a substantial impact on the way consumers interact with service providers and their own data.  To read more about our platform and our planned evolution, click here to fill out our contact form and then you will be provided with our platform summary PDF.

Our Mission:  Our mission is to provide consumers with a customized, individualized experience based on their needs, wants, risks, or desires.

Our Clients:  We work with employers, product and service providers, health solutions, and insurance companies.  LifeAlytics gets paid by our clients to connect with the individuals who work with these entities with a goal of providing match-making to solutions, products, or services that can help improve the lives of each consumer on an individualized basis.  We are unique in that each consumer is treated uniquely; our platform “learns” about who a person is, what they like to do, things they need help with, or aspire too; and provides introductions to those things that can help improve their lives.

The problems we solve:  Our solution is used by consumers but solves the problems our clients face:

  1. We improve the delivery of analytics and data outputs directly to the consumer.
  2. LifeAlytics allows for real-time updates from consumers to known data sets.
  3. The platform provides a means for real-time outputs from these updated data sets.
  4. We can provide a common incentive for engagement across individual consumers, or groups of consumers.